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The boulevardier cocktail is the negroni’s rugged, yet still elegant, cousin. The word boulevardier is defined as a “wealthy, fashionable socialite”. It is not necessary that one be elegant, fashionable, certainly not wealthy, or a socialite to drink a boulevardier. However, drinking a boulevardier will make one feel rather elegant and wealthy. This cocktail has also risen in popularity and is probably closing in on the end of its period of being in fashion, and one can choose to be or not be social with a boulevardier in their hand.

Where the Bomani boulevardier feels at home, except just in your hand, is before or after a meal. But there’re exceptions to this and such a beverage is great to be shared with friends, and it is definitely a cocktail you won’t get bored of when drinking round after round after round.


Bomani Boulevardier

  • 1oz Old Forester 86 proof
  • 0.5oz Carpano Antica
  • 0.5oz Campari
  • 1.5oz Bomani


  • Glass: Old fashioned
  • Garnish: Brandied cherry
  • Method: Stir and strain over a large ice cube


Why This Cocktail Works

As a classic cocktail, the boulevardier is excellent, the redistribution of ingredient quantities to account for the addition of Bomani cold brew modifies and adds to the typical flavor profile. The Carpano Antica sweet vermouth’s rich character blends well with the Bomani, creating a chocolate note. This flavor and character intermingle with the bourbon, before making way on the palette for the Campari, who’s bitterness plays back and forth with these fuller flavors. The dry, slightly sweet, yet still bitter finish keeps you coming back for more.


Where and When

This cocktail is perfect before and after a meal. It works as a great palette opener as well as a great palette cleanser. As an easy sipper which slowly seesaws between sweet and bitter it also works excellently as a cocktail for winding down at the end of the evening.

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