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How many calories and carbs are in BOMANI ?
110 Calories, 0 Carbs, and 0 Sugars.
Where are your coffee beans sourced from ?
Our 100% Arabica coffee is all ethically sourced from farms in Southern Mexico, Nicaragua, and Peru.
Is BOMANI Cold Buzz gluten-free ?
Yes, BOMANI Cold Buzz is naturally gluten-free.
Why did you name the product BOMANI Cold Buzz?
Where did the logo come from?
BOMANI Cold Buzz is Cold Brew with a Sting, so naturally, a wasp made sense.
What is the shelf life of BOMANI ?

BOMANI Cold Buzz is shelf stable for 15 months.

What type of alcohol is in BOMANI Cold Buzz ?
We infused our cold brew coffee with naturally zero-carb, gluten-free alcohol from sugar cane. It’s a new type of alcohol that you may have seen in high quality, trending drinks like hard seltzers.
Does BOMANI contain any allergens ?
No, BOMANI is allergen-free.
Is BOMANI Cold Buzz dairy-free?
Is BOMANI Cold Buzz non-GMO?
Is BOMANI Cold Buzz vegan?
Is BOMANI Cold Buzz Kosher?
Can you make cocktails out of BOMANI Cold Buzz?
Absolutely. Whether it’s straight out of the can, poured over ice, mixed with cream & sugar (or cream & sugar alternatives), or mixed into a creative cocktail, there are countless ways to enjoy BOMANI. Check out our recipes.
When is the perfect time to drink BOMANI?
We always say that BOMANI is your coffee for the weekend. Some of the most popular to enjoy a
BOMANI are brunches, after work drinks, pre-games, and outdoor activities like golfing, skiing,
snowboarding, surfing, and more. No matter what the celebration is, it’s always #ButFirstBOMANI
How much caffeine is in a can of BOMANI?
A can of BOMANI has about half as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.
How much alcohol is in a can of BOMANI?
BOMANI is 5.7% ABV – a little bit higher than most hard seltzers.


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