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Stamping the snow from your boots you and your friends enter the bar after a long, bitterly cold day on the slopes. Raising your head after shaking the snow from your jacket you’re surprised to find the bar quite desolate populated with just a few lonely souls. As you scan the room you spy that the seats by the fire are conveniently empty. Tapping the friend next to you you point out the empty place by the fire and tell them to go and grab it! “I’m gonna get the drinks” you assure them and tap them on the shoulder as you make your way toward the bar.

Arriving at the bar you pick up a laminated cocktail menu and quickly peruse, something hot you think? Something cold with a warming sensation? Scanning down the list your eyes catch on a Mint Chocolate Coffee Stout. Cold, yet with a warming sensation you nod to yourself. On cue the bartender walks over and you order four of the Mint Chocolate Coffee Stout for you and all your friends.

Quickly you find yourself doing the ski boot waddle over to the fireplace, 4 pint glasses in hand. Someone jumps up to help you and offers you the spot closest to the fire. Sipping on their drinks everyone lets out an ahhhh! Then giggles ensue at the collective joy. A cheers is given and you all settle back into your chairs into silence, reminiscing about a great day on the hill.

Mint Chocolate Coffee Stout

  • 6oz Guinness
  • 5oz Bomani Vanilla
  • 0.75oz Dark Creme de Cocoa
  • 0.5oz Creme de Menthe
  • Glass: Pint
  • Garnish: Chocolate powder
  • Method: Build

Why This Cocktail Works

With a great mint and hint of chocolate nose this drink invites the drinker in. A luxuriously thick sip fills the drinkers mouth with notes of coffee, chocolate, and stout. Hints of mint then grow into this flavor profile, becoming prominent but never dominating. After the drinker has finished the mint lingers refreshingly on the palate.

Where and When

This drink is excellent when consumed by a warm fire. This is also a great drink at a bar if you’re looking for a beer based, slightly sweeter pick-me-up.

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