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Sitting back to relax after an excellent meal one often wants a drink in their hand to help them wash that meal down. Some opt for a straight spirit, maybe with a few ice cubes but there’re others who forgo dessert but still want something sweet to help close out the savory flavors of dinner.

The tradition of after dinner coffee, which balances sweetness, a slight bitterness, and complexity of flavors are often what people lean toward in these times. But that’s not exactly what you want. Elegance with a slice of out of the ordinary is what suits you best. You know exactly what you’re after. You head to the biscuit tin, pull out a biscotti -maybe an extra one for right now- place it on a plate and begin to mix yourself an Above Average.


Above Average

  • 2.5oz Bomani
  • 1.5oz Hennessy V.S.O.P
  • 0.5oz Dark Creme de Cacao


  • Glass: Coupe
  • Garnish: Small biscotti served on the side.
  • Method: Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass full of ice. Strain into chilled coupe glass and serve.

Why This Cocktail Works

Brandy is a spirit that pairs excellently with anything after dinner related; coffee and chocolate are just those. This beverage has a coffee forward flavor profile, a medium to full body, and all three ingredients intermingle greatly for flavor but, at the same time, also stand out on their own. The coffee comes through first, before being joined by the chocolate and then the brandy. The coffee and the chocolate give-way to the flavors of the brandy whilst still supporting them.


Where and When

The Above Average cocktail is perfect for drinking either with dessert or as a substitute for one. In this sense it is especially good for those that don’t like sweetness but like the flavors usually found in desserts; like chocolate. This cocktail is not too rich and you can have a few back-to-back when sat at home on a relaxing evening. Simultaneously, it is also a great way to finish off the night once you’ve arrived home from the party.

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