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At a formal event with fancy suits and fancy dresses you find yourself fitting in yet out of place. The arrival drinks are tepid and really don’t suit the smoked salmon canapés on offer. Working your way around the room, introducing yourself to the other attendees as you go, you work your way over to the bar. Currently a resting ground for half empty trays of canapés and empty glasses.

The bartender is working his way toward you, clearing the bar as he goes. Giving you a nod he asks if everything is to your liking. You choose to tell him that you don’t want to insult him but the cocktail really isn’t doing it for you. He gives a little laugh and leans in closer. He tell you that he didn’t want to serve that cocktail. He designed a tart, pick-me-up aperitif to go with the canapés but the organizers insisted on this sweeter and cheaper cocktail.

You take one of the canapés and ask him if he’ll make you one? He agrees, and tells you that the bar is part of the event and, with a grin, adds that he’s been told to be accommodating. He whips out his shaker, measures in some ingredients, gives everything a silent stir and double strains it into a glass. He serves it with another grin and suggests that you taste it with the canapés. You do and you thank him heartily, assuring him you’ll be back after making another tour of the room.

Against The Grain

  • 1.5oz Camarena Tequila
  • 1.5oz Bomani
  • 0.5oz Martini and Rossi Extra Dry Vermouth
  • 0.25oz Lemon Juice
  • Glass: Coupe
  • Garnish: None
  • Method: Stir and double strain. (Double straining removes most of the particles of lemon, making this drink more visually appealing)

Why This Cocktail Works

The saying “shake it to wake it” says that we should shake cocktails when they contain citrus. This cocktail goes against that, Against The Grain. The soft tartness of the lemon juice mingles with the dry vermouth and the coffee to create a very aromatic cocktail. On the palette this cocktail is dry and tart. The Flavors of all the ingredients fade in and out around each other, with a final dry lemon notes lingers, with coffee and tequila fading in the background making the drinker want more.

Where and When

This cocktail makes a great aperitif, and goes really well with smoked salmon canapés. To soften the tartness of the drink and to help bring out the flavors of the tequila and Bomani it can be served over ice.

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