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All day drinking calls for some special planning as you know that there’ll be some people who are flat out and snoring in the sunshine by late afternoon. Strategically you pack a few packs of Bomani so that you and your friends can keep going all day long. When you get to the beach one of your friends cracks a Bomani and pours it into their glass.

Later on, whilst talking, they grab a can and start pouring into the same glass. You stop them quickly, but not quickly enough, the can they pulled was ginger beer and they topped up their glass of Bomani with it! Shrugging your friend takes a sip, their smile widens and they reach back in the cooler for a lime. With a slice and a squeeze they add lime and then top the drink off with ginger beer and a splash more of Bomani. They sip again, give it an even broader smile and gesture the glass towards you. You take a sniff, a sip, and your face is lit with the same broad grin. You’ve just found the drink to make the perfect day even better!


Bomani and Stormy

  • 1.5oz Bomani
  • 0.5oz Lime
  • 4oz Barritts ginger beer


  • Glass: Collins
  • Garnish: Lime Wedge
  • Method: Pour ginger beer into a glass full of ice, ensuring there’s room for other ingredients. Add lime juice and then float the Bomani on top. Garnish and serve without disturbing the “cloud” of Bomani.


Why This Cocktail Works

This is a low proof take on the dark and stormy cocktail, and here the Bomani replaces Gosling’s Black Seal rum. The sweetness of the Bomani and the ginger beer bring forward fruitier notes and a slightly sweet citrus element. This is all balanced by the spice in the ginger beer and the tartness of the lime which both provide this drink with a refreshing zing.


Where and When

This cocktail is the perfect creation for a day at the beach; or anywhere hot weather threatens to make cold, crisp drinks more refreshing! This is an excellently session-able cocktail as its low ABV combines with it’s infinite freshness meaning that you’ll be happy to drink them all day long. The Bomani element will also give you a boost throughout the day to keep you energized late into the evening!

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