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Using what we have on hand to make great cocktails is how some iconic classics managed to pass into existence. At their very beginning was the want for a good time with limited materials available. But from wants came needs and musts, and many of these cocktails have today become household names, known by guests and bartenders the world over.

Whilst many of these cocktails now take on a status greater than their origins they all began somewhere. These cocktails, you could say, were originally bootstrapped, made from the ingredients the creator happened to have on hand at the time. They also could’ve been produced anywhere; from a beach bar, to a pavement café, to party for high-end people in a high-end place. You too can make your own bootstrapped cocktails at home. We here at Bomani did, and this is the beauty we found.



  • 2oz Bomani
  • 1oz Goslings Black Seal rum
  • 0.5oz Powers Irish whiskey
  • 0.5oz Carpano Antica


  • Glass: Old fashioned
  • Garnish: None
  • Method: Stir all ingredients together and strain over a large ice cube in the glass


Why This Cocktail Works

The Bomani and the sweet vermouth come together to form distinct chocolate notes. This flavor intermingles with the rich flavors of the rum, whilst the whiskey gives this cocktail some light, fruity notes. The whiskey helps to lift the other, heavier ingredients from the palette, making this cocktail one you can drink many of.


Where and When

This cocktails can be served at both a sophisticated cocktail bar and your home. Being made from rum and Irish whiskey this cocktails brings with it no preconceived notions of esteem or high class, and can be perceived however you want to perceive it . These factors allows this cocktail to be taken anywhere, from a sunset beach beach bar to a downtown dive bar.

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