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The lights are low and the atmosphere is mellow, the buzz of a great evening still rings in your ears and around your head, but it’s all not over yet. As you sit and contemplate what to have next you realize that you’re going to want a little lift from the drink which lands in front of you.

Looking at the array of bottles in front of you your eyes land on the sweet side of the shelf. But many of those drinks have been too sickly for you after a few sips. You signal to the bartender, he makes his way over and you tell him your thoughts on your next beverage. He taps the bar in front of you, gives you a wink, and a cocktail napkin lands on the dark, hardwood bar top in front of you.

You begin to watch the bartender and the bottles dance as he makes your drink, you’re quickly lost in the smooth mesmerizing flow of his actions. Before you know it he is placing a short dark drink on the napkin in front of you; the smell of match smoke and orange zest wafts from the orange zest balancing atop a large ice cube floating in the middle of the drink. You close your eyes and take a sip. You slip away into a world where you watch yourself perform a slow victory dance as you treasure the flavors of what is the perfect transformation of your request into the perfect drink.



  • 1oz Hennessy V.S.O.P
  • 0.5oz Amaretto
  • 0.5oz dark creme de cacao
  • 0.5oz Reyka vodka
  • 2oz Bomani


  • Glass: Old fashioned
  • Garnish: Flamed orange zest
  • Method: Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass full of ice. Strain over a large cube and garnish.


Why This Cocktail Works

With an excellent body, this drink rings full of subtle coffee and chocolate notes. The brandy helps to back these flavors up and the amaretto plays a supporting role whilst the cleanness of the vodka helps to stop this drink from becoming overly sweet.

Where and When

Although well suited as an after-dinner or end of evening drink this cocktail fits in excellently at any time of the day or evening. If you’re looking for a sweet treat at the bar that looks classy and is exceptionally sip-able without being too powering then Dec-a-Dance is the drink for you.

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