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On a breezy evening, you look out from the balcony on which you’re sat. The view may be dark and hazy, but the soundscape around you is beautiful. It could be a city at night, the sound of laughter, cars rumbling by below, and dogs barking in the distance, the sight of a moon in the sky, and just a few pinpricks of stars. It could be the view of a field, incessantly dark as the sky is covered in cloud, the wind rustles the crops, crickets chirp, and birds coo in the distance; underneath the darkness of the cloud cover you can just make out the shadow of an owl gliding silently along.

The door behind you opens and your friend heads out to rejoin you. Lost in your senses you’d vaguely forgotten that they had gone inside and that you were due another beverage. You pass up the empty glass from your hand and it is replaced with a cool, heavy glass. Sitting down in the other chair your friend offers you a cigar. You take one and they pass you alight. Passing the lighter back you let out a light puff and take a sip of the cocktail. You slide back in your chair whilst the rich flavors of the tobacco intermingle with those of the cocktail and you realize just how
life-rich you are.

Richer For It

  • 1.5oz El Dorado 12yr Demerara rum
  • 1.5oz Bomani
  • 0.5oz Old Forester 86 Proof bourbon
  • 0.5oz Carpano Antica
  • 4 Dashes Fee Brothers black walnut bitters


  • Glass: Old Fashioned
  • Garnish: None
  • Method: Stir and strain into chilled glass

Why This Cocktail Works

Each component of this drink brings rich flavors to the glass. The sweet vermouth is what really helps to marry all of these flavors components together because, without it, this cocktail is much lighter and much more potent. The Bomani element in this cocktail brings out the coffee flavors in the other ingredients, making this cocktail even more enjoyable.

Where and When

This cocktail is perfectly married with a cigar on a porch or balcony. This moment of harmony in matrimony can come at many times or, indeed, anytime. This moment, however, does have optimum times at which to be enjoyed and these are: after dinner, after a fabulous night out or get together with friends, or after a long, hard, yet productive day’s work.

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