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When perusing a craft cocktail menu people often look for items that are familiar enough to them to make sure they’re comfortable enough ordering one. Some ingredients we find in cocktails nowadays make no sense, and you cannot even picture what it may taste like, let alone look like.

When you do find a cocktail which you can recognize -and maybe even taste from the list of ingredients- you hail a bartender and order one for yourself, and you may even make a decision for your friend next to you too. Waiting patiently with impatience you watch the bartender make your cocktails. First, she chills the glasses, next she precisely measures out the ingredients, and with an act of flamboyance adds the bitters as the final ingredient. Stirring with a ferocious smoothness she chills the drinks and softly decants them into the now chilled glasses. Placing them atop a napkin in front of you a small nod lets you know that you’re ready to enjoy.

Tennessee Dark

  • 1.5oz Jack Daniel’s
  • 2oz Bomani
  • 0.5oz Dark creme de cacao
  • 4 Dashes Fee Brothers black walnut bitters


  • Glass: Martini
  • Garnish: None
  • Method: Stir all ingredients over ice and pour into chilled glass.

Why This Cocktail Works

The chocolate and coffee elements of this cocktail play off each other at the beginning with the signature cleanness of the Tennessee whiskey shining through. The black walnut bitters add to the depth of flavor brought forward by the Bomani and the dark creme de cacao. The sweetness of the chocolate and coffee elements playoff against the whiskey on the tongue.

Where and When

This cocktail works excellent when being passed across any classy bar, for anyone looking for anything that slightly bitter sweet. It works great with spicy foods at dinner or lunchtime and is also great after dinner for those who don’t like their desserts or their cocktails overly sweet.

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