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As America’s pastime baseball is one of the sports which everyone can enjoy. Convinced of this by your father you decide to try and do the same to your friends. Whilst they were at first hard to turn over to the idea, telling them that you’d buy the first round of drinks convinced everyone that it might be alright to give it a try.

So early on a Saturday you catch the public transport the short distance out to the ballpark, others joining you as you head through their stations. Despite their previous skepticism there’s a buzz about the group which heightens as you pass through the barriers and into the ball park itself.

Taking your seats everyone is beginning to talk about the team, seeing as they’re actually doing alright this season, and they’re all spouting facts that you never thought you’d hear from their mouth; you can tell that they’ve been doing their research. You mouth curls as you listen before jumping out of your seat to go and get that promised first round.

At the bar you stare at the list of drinks and whilst beer is a traditional ballpark drink there’s a cocktail on the list which grabs your attention. A coffee based long island variation is sure to get everyone fired up for the game.

When you return with all the cocktails they are very well received and the whole group is in good spirits, and it is not long before someone is patting you on the back for your decision to get them out there, but also asking for the name of the cocktail. Sure enough everyone wants one and as you look out at the field you know that this day is just getting started.

Salted Caramel Long Island Cold Brew

  • 0.5oz Altos reposado tequila
  • 0.5oz Elijah Craig bourbon
  • 0.5oz Cruzan aged rum
  • 0.5oz Stoli vodka
  • 1.5oz Bomani Vanilla
  • 0.75oz Salted caramel Baileys
  • Glass: Pint
  • Garnish: None
  • Method: Shake all ingredients, except salted caramel Baileys, with ice and strain over fresh ice. Float the salted caramel Baileys on top.

Why This Cocktail Works

Starting salty and sweet this drink, like its namesake, is deceptively strong. There’re notes of coffee as well as mixing flavors of bourbon and rum, along with light notes of the reposado tequila. Afterward the drinker is left with lingering notes of salted caramel creaminess, leaving the drinker wanting more.

Where and When

This is a great cocktail for drinking out at a sporting event or festival. Anywhere that the sun may be shinning. It is also a great cocktail for consuming during the winter months to warm you up whilst cooling you off.

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