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Looking for an elegant, pick-me-up cocktail at the start of an evening? the Black Russian is excellently suited to such a task. Looking for a coffee drink that’s not scalding hot to finish off a fantastic night? The Black Russian fits perfectly in here, too. However, there are many of us who find the classic Black Russian a little too sweet for our tastes, and an espresso martini a little too strong for our needs.

Enter the Bomani Black Russian. Made with Bomani alcohol infused cold brew, fragrant and flavorfully sweet. Not sweet-ened, like many coffee liqueurs, and containing only half a cup of caffeine in every 11oz can Bomani helps take the Black Russian cocktail to the next level and make it a perfect drink to start any occasion.


Bomani Black Russian

  • 1.5oz Reyka Vodka (this is a clean, Icelandic vodka. You can substitute Absolut, Grey Goose, or any other clean tasting vodkas)
  • 4oz BOMANI


  • Glass: Old Fashioned
  • Garnish: None
  • Method: Place one large ice cube into glass and pour in the vodka followed by the Bomani. Stir to integrate ingredients.

If you want a larger alcohol based buzz from this drink simply half the amount of Bomani recommended in the recipe.


Why This Cocktail Works

The Black Russian is a classic cocktail, known and poured around the world. What the use of Bomani does in this cocktail is to lighten the overall profile of the drink as well as lengthen it, whilst keeping the sweeter flavors usually brought by coffee liqueurs but without the added sugar. These flavors are obtained through the cold brew process, which doesn’t extract the bitter flavors that are usually extracted when coffee is brewed hot. This is a enjoyable yet crushable beverage.


Where and When

Anywhere you want a sipper or a pounder that will pick you up. Have one or two to start off an evening, or take one at the end of a meal instead of a coffee to help settle your meal. This also make a great kick off drink for pre-games and nights out!


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