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One fine afternoon you find yourself tired and out of sorts, looking for someway in which to add a spark to your day. You head out of the house for a walk, and after crossing the park and ambling down many streets with your head clouded in fog you realize that you’re only a block from one of your favorite spots, where the bartender never fails to gauge your mood and serve you exactly what you need.

Stepping inside you get hit by a cool blast of air conditioning and let your eyes adjust to the low lighting. You step to the half full bar and take a seat at the end, a few seats from the nearest patron. The bartender recognizes you right away and comes over with a glass of water.

They ask how you’re doing and if you’re going to have what you normally have, well 60% of the time they chuckle. You decline the usual and tell them how your day has been. You end by saying that you want a pick-me-up to perk-me-up for the rest of the day, so you can get your head out of the clouds and start enjoying it. They tap the bar and tell you they’ll be right back.

A few quick shakes of a cocktail shaker and they’re back, cocktail in hand. It’s nothing too special they say but it’ll get you sorted. You sip it and savor the citrus herbal flavors. After another one you feel like you ship has been righted and you can go along on your way. Thanking the bartender you step out into the sunlight ready to seize the day.

Rum Espresso Martini

  • 2oz Bomani Vanilla
  • 1.5oz Bacardi Carta
  • 0.5oz Liquor 43
  • Glass: Martini
  • Garnish: None
  • Method: Shake and strain

Why This Cocktail Works

Citrus orange, along with a hint of herb, are prominent on the nose of this drink. These are followed in the mouth by flavors of coffee and a hint of vanilla. The flavors of the sugar cane spirit then come through and clean the palate, leaving hints of orange and coffee to settle gently.

Where and When

This cocktails is a great bar sipper and an easy cocktail to make at home whenever you want a little pick me up.

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