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Tired. Bloated. Scatterbrained. These three words were the theme of my life for years. I did not realize that this was abnormal because I thought everyone felt this way. It was not until my third year of college at the University of California, Santa Barbara, that my Track and Field coach recommended that I change up my diet. I was performing poorly in races, constantly battling injuries, and on top of that, I was struggling to stay focused in school.

It was recommended that I cut out gluten–a protein found in wheat–from my diet. This meant no pasta, bread, bagels, pizza, and of course, beer. Everything just listed was absolutely fundamental for my college diet at the time. It was tough, and I “cheated” on multiple occasions for years. This would mostly consist of grabbing a beer when I was out with friends or eating a Double-Double from In-N-Out on a road trip. But as time went on, I grew more and more intolerant to gluten. I remember feeling so fatigued the day after drinking a beer that it would be hard to get out of bed, let alone rally to do normal college activities.

When people with Celiac, or those with even a minor intolerance to gluten, consume gluten, their body’s reaction causes inflammation. Celiac is a serious autoimmune disease that occurs in those that are genetically predisposed when the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine . Gluten causes very acidic conditions in the body, which causes stress, particularly in the digestive tract.

So, if I was feeling so debilitated, why was I continuing this trend of casually sipping beers and loading up on carbs? The reason I cheated and grabbed a beer at a bar or restaurant so many times was because of convenience. I was looking for something I could sip while I socialized. Then, over thanksgiving in 2018, my good friend Sam Madani came to me with an idea he had been working on with his buddies in New York.
He proposed to me the idea of combining the cleanest alcohol on the market, with a high-quality medium roast cold brew coffee. This idea would indeed become BOMANI Cold Buzz.

During that initial conversation with Sam, I so excited for him, and the drink he was creating. But I knew that if this was going to be a drink with dairy, sugar or gluten I would unfortunately never be able to try it. Luckily for me and really everyone else out there, BOMANI is naturally free of gluten, dairy, and sugar–all of which cause negative physiological effects. It is a drink that will do more for you, without the drawbacks that come from consuming ingredients that cause inflammation. I was looking for something that tastes great but does not make me feel down the next day, and BOMANI has been exactly what I needed: a guilt-free drink that gets me hyped for a day or night out.

It has been incredible to see the idea that Sam, Amin, and Kai –the founders of BOMANI—created just over a year ago, become the drink and brand it is today. BOMANI was made for those who don’t want to make sacrifices to their health in order to have a good time with friends. It is obvious now that the health trends of a gluten and/or dairy free diet are here to stay. That is especially true for California.

It was abundantly clear to the co-founders of BOMANI, and myself, that California was going to be the market that would take BOMANI to the next level. CA is an incredibly competitive beverage market. It takes a really well formulated, and popular beverage to make it in CA. When Sam told me the ingredients for BOMANI, I immediately knew how BOMANI was going to fulfill a long standing demand for consumers. Today, people are turning over the can to look at the ingredients and nutrition label. In summary, people are keenly aware of the negative effects that sugar, carbs, dairy, and gluten can have on their body.

It was precisely the ingredients that motivated me to seek involvement with BOMANI. I knew that this was a drink that people like me were searching for. A convenient 12 ounce can of ethically sourced medium roasted cold brew coffee, with a naturally gluten-free alcohol with no added sugar, dairy, or any B.S. I am very happy to say that this is an incredible organization to be a part of, and we are just getting started.

Jack Morgenson serves as the Field Sales Manager for BOMANI where he grew up in Southern California.

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